Ever reached out to a scientist with a question? I’ve found they are usually extremely generous with their time and expertise. Take my conversation with Dr. Steven Scheiner, computational chemist out of Utah State University and one of the co-authors of the IUPAC paper redefining the hydrogen bond.

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This was my first attempt at an interview format, so I hope you can get past any of my rookie mistakes and enjoy his lucid explanations of a lot of my burning questions re: the hydrogen bond. It has been lightly edited to keep it down to 30 minutes.

0:00 Introductions
1:30 About quantum mechanics
3:00 The role of the IUPAC
5:04 Classic H-bond definition (& What’s wrong w/ it)
10:00 90% of chemists don’t know this
10:30 How strong can they get?
12:14 How to think about a classic H-bond
12:42 How weak can they get?
15:07 Pushback and controversies
16:40 Inter or Intra?
17:43 The Non-covalent interaction
18:16 Curveball 1: Halogen bonds
20:17 How to define a bond
22:36 Is H-Bond a good name?
23:44 Curveball 2: Chalcogen & Pnictogen bonds
25:06 Halogen Bonds are important
26:25 Applications of H-bond research
27:30 Where did all this start?
29:33 In conclusion

Here is a link to that IUPAC paper redefining the hydrogen bond: http://publications.iupac.org/pac/pdf/2011/pdf/8308×1619.pdf

Check out the bonus question here: https://youtu.be/2vHWuD93f3o
Check out what all this taught me about hydrogen bonds here: https://youtu.be/13Eih0b5gFU

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