Will or won’t it?!? There are lots of things to explore with senko hanabi and this is a topic I’ve been eager to get to for quite some time. What is the best paper to use? Should you go accessible or niche?

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Special thanks to @Nighthawkinlight for his continued collaboration in exploring different aspects of this amazing firework and his mutual desire to share the wonders of senko hanabi with the general public.

Note: PART TWO IS OUT! https://youtu.be/eJKhRpajgTw

Dr. Van Der Sypt’s excellent papers (download links are there… scroll down!):

Polysulfide sparklers revisited: a practical introduction to Carbo Hanabi

The Senko Hanabi Sparkler: A Study Of Its Reaction Mechanisms

The Senko Hanabi Sparkler: A Study Of Factors Affecting Construction And Performance

DISCLAIMER! As always, fireworks carry a real risk of property and personal harm if used incorrectly. Please use only under proper supervision. Be safe, friend!

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