So did I ever find a better paper for senko hanabi? Let’s find out! It feels a little weird burning a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, but authentic senko hanabi uses washi paper. I tested two dozen different types of washi and I found a winner!

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– Ben from @NightHawkinLight does have a favorite brand of tissue paper. He tested a lot of them and he likes DOLLAR GENERAL tissue paper the best! Let us know what you think of it (or whatever brand you try…)

Big thanks to Hiromi Paper for allowing me to use some photos off of their website and blog:

Paper Connection:
The roll of 10 gsm Usuyo Gampi paper I purchased is sold out, but here is a smaller sample:
Usuyou Gampi White-M-0222

Hiromi Paper:
I think this is the sampler pack:
Conservation Sample Book
The 10m roll of 15 gsm Usuyo paper I purchased:
HPR-MM-19 Usuyo Gampi White roll (15 g/m²)

Some other videos if you’re getting interested in washi:

Dr. Van Der Sypt’s excellent papers (download links are there… scroll down!):

Polysulfide sparklers revisited: a practical introduction to Carbo Hanabi

The Senko Hanabi Sparkler: A Study Of Its Reaction Mechanisms

The Senko Hanabi Sparkler: A Study Of Factors Affecting Construction And Performance

NightHawkinLight’s excellent Senko Hanabi content:

Dr. Van Der Sypt, Ben from NightHawkinLight and others did a great seminar on senko hanabi last fall that is available as a Pyro Tech Talk for members of PGI!

Japan Videography is a great channel too!

WARNING: All fireworks carry a very real risk of personal injury and property damage. Please do not handle pyrotechnics without proper training or supervision. Be safe!

00:00 Catching Up
00:29 New Lead
01:08 All About Washi
02:45 Washi Plants
03:33 Washi Purchased
04:40 Smoking Paper Results
05:27 Rayon/Inkjet Results
06:23 Kozo Results
07:55 Gampi Results
09:00 Three Lanes
12:10 Wrap Up

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