So my quest to improve my amateur pyrotechnics has led me to the exciting world of smoke harvesting. Why did I build a box to catch smoke? What does that have to do with making great senko hanabi fireworks? What are senko hanabi fireworks? Great questions!

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VIDEO CORRECTION! Hey, lunar caustic is not the name for potassium nitrate, it’s the old name for silver nitrate. I should’ve caught that in preproduction! My bad!

REMEMBER: Fireworks are dangerous! Bodily and/or property damage are a real and constant threat. Please use only with proper training or supervision… I can’t afford to lose any subscribers.

00:00 Putting Together a Team
01:34 The Hothead
02:19 The Glue
02:48 The Workhorse
04:35 The Secret Weapon
06:36 Building the Box
10:05 Black Belts & Such

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Charcoal Production Paper:

Global Charcoal Consumption and the Question of Energy Security

@NightHawkInLight Charcoal video:

I did add a lot of pop culture clips. I hope they pass the ‘fair use’ sniff test. I claim no ownership to any of the video clips I referenced. But I bet you don’t know where the ‘great sandwich!’ clip came from…


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