Long time coming! This is my first video in about two years and a lot has changed in the way I am trying to approach online videos. Hopefully the new changes won’t scare off any old fans. Let me know what you like and don’t like about the new format… it is a work in process.

Stranger Things is a great show, but it did have quite a wacky periodic table in it. At the end of the video I eluded to the fact that keep digging into the origins of the one they used. It didn’t look like a typical classroom periodic table. The lack of a key, for instance, was a big red flag.

The Stranger Things Periodic Table?
Copyright – Peter Furian (I think!)

I searched all the usual haunts for classroom periodic tables with no luck. I searched Amazon and even eBay. But then, during an image search, I saw this picture. It looked like a dead ringer for the one on the classroom wall. Notice that it DOES have a key at the bottom… Stranger Things cut it off.

It looks like this is an stock image created by an Austrian artist named Peter Hermes Furian. I sent him an email today, so I’ll let you know what comes of it.

UPDATE: Mr. Furian is the artist. See Part Two!

UPDATE 2: And the new elements are now official!


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