The start of the school year slowed down my side research a tad, but I am happy to finally post this follow up video! So what did I find out?

A) The artist behind the periodic table is definitely Peter Hermes Furian. He was kind enough to respond to my inquires and even sent me a scan of one of his old periodic tables. If you want to poke around his eclectic catalog go here. He has a lot of cool science images along with a lot of vibrant abstract work. I doubt there are many artists out there covering those extremes. If you just want to peruse his personal website go here.

B) I have gathered up a handful of 1983-ish periodic tables with the help of the Guillotined Chemistry community. How close did I get? Reasonably ballpark, I’d say. Take a look and see if you agree.

If you have any other old periodic tables sitting around, scan them it and post them over on my Facebook page. You and I can start the world’s most informal periodic table museum!


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