Think you know all there is to know about naming polyatomics? Probably not… if you did, you’d be off watching a cat video or a soap cutting video. Or a video of a cat cutting soap. Eh, you get the point.

This video will cover FOUR concepts that a lot of students miss when it comes to naming polyatomics correctly. I’ll show you:
1) How to use your periodic table to find the basic charge and starting number of oxygens for most of the common polyatomics.
2) How change the base name to reflect different numbers of oxygen.
3) What ‘thio-‘ means and how to use it.
4) What ‘bi-‘ means and how to use it.

If you think I missed anything add it in the comments below. Thanks for stopping in and supporting the channel. I’ve been slowly upgrading some of my equipment to make better videos, and your subscriptions and likes and video shares really help grow the channel. You’re the best.


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